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Daily Interpretations by Dream Oracle

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  1. Have you read the in-depth interpretation of your dream?
  2. Have you checked complementary dreams for their interpretations?
  3. Have you checked supplementary dreams for their interpretations?
  4. Did you searched for other details for your dream?
*** If you have not reached the exact interpretation of your dream despite all this, write your dream on this page and it will be interpreted by "Dream Oracle" for you.

  1. You should write your dream on the most relevant page.
  2. Write your dream in a fluent and understandable language.
  3. Your dream should not be too long or too short.
  4. Pay attention to spelling and punctuation.
  5. Do not use expressions that are against moral values or that contain excessive violence.
*** Your posts that do not comply with these rules are automatically deleted by the system.

  1. Preliminary checks are made to see if your dream complies with the general rules.
  2. Your dream, which has been pre-checked and queued, is instantly delivered to our dream interpreter.
  3. Our dream interpreter examines your dream to the finest detail and prepares the most appropriate interpretation for you and sends it to us.
  4. Your dream interpretation is published on our site as soon as it passes a final check.

  1. Your dream interpretation will published on the page which you submit your dream. Do not forget to visit the page where you wrote your dream from time to time.
  2. You can find your own page by visiting this page with the latest comments of our dream interpreter.